The future of retail

Welcome to a world ruled by you and I.

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The era of reckless fees and marketing is over.

What we need and want finds us at the right time, place and price. Customers save money, businesses profit, and waste is a thing of the past.

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So, what’s standing between us?

Protected by status quo, payment and marketing giants exploit the current retail system. They’ve created a mess they can’t fix.

In this world, you and I don’t matter.

The problem

  • Reckless fees
  • Reckless marketing

What word follows merchant, money transfer and credit card? Fees.

We are punished for just going about our business while banks and issuers (Visa and MasterCard) prosper.

The credit card was invented in the 1950s. Unlike the music or television industries, payments has not evolved at all.

While we get slapped with fees at every turn, the payment luddites refuse to innovate and stall others from doing so.

Humans are skilled at ignoring ads.

You’ll pretend to watch an ad before a video begins. The advertiser will pretend you watched and reacted to that ad to tick off their marketing budget.

Ads today come from fragments of our data stored by disparate companies.

Since fragments don’t tell a person’s full story, we are spammed with blind ads by tech giants (Google, Facebook, Amazon).

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The solution

  • Payments that talk
  • Mindful marketing

Every payment tells a story.

Today, they are oversimplified as one-way transactions. A Beam payment is more than that.

At Beam, we’ve created a platform that turns payments into conversations.

For the first time in history, this allows all businesses and stakeholders to converse with their customers directly, sans fees.

Blind ads are just that.

Humans are more likely to make a purchase when shown what they actually need or want.

Compare a discounted coffee at 9am at your local cafe to being shown a pair of jeans you already bought last week.

Beam’s tried and tested mindful marketing system is proof of this.

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Welcome to you and I

Between a customer and retailer, there are multiple dots to be connected.

After years of research, testing and proven success, Beam is joining the dots in an innovative and considered way to remove reckless fees and marketing.

There is no room in this world for those who can’t or won’t innovate.


Beam is live

Beam is live!

Beam is an innovative payments and marketing app and platform built for the 21st century.

We are live in the UAE, Sweden and Australia.

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